Holmes and Rahe stress scale

Select all of the applicable life events in the past 12 months:

Death of spouse: 100
Divorce: 73
Martial separation: 65
Death of close family member: 63
Personal injury or illness: 53
Marriage: 50
Fired at work: 47
Marital reconciliation: 45
Retirement: 45
Change in health of a family member: 44
Pregnancy: 40
Sex Difficulties: 39
Business readjustment: 39
Change in financial state: 38
Death of close friend: 37
Change to different line of work: 36
Change in number of arguments with spouse: 35
Major mortgage: 31
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan: 30
Change in responsibilities at work: 29
Son or daughter leaving home: 29
Trouble with in-laws: 29
Outstanding personal achievement: 28
Spouse begins or stops work: 26
Begin or end school: 26
Change in living conditions: 25
Revision in personal habits: 24
Trouble with boss: 23
Change in work hours or conditions: 20
Change in residence: 20
Change in schools: 20
Change in recreation: 19
Change in church activities: 19
Change in social activities: 18
Minor mortgage or loan: 17
Change in sleeping habits: 16
Change in number of family get-togethers: 15
Change in eating habits: 15
Vacation: 13
Christmas alone: 12
Minor violations of the law: 11

Life Change Units:
Holmes and Rahe stress scale